Professional Schools

College of Medicine


A professional school committed to excellence in community-oriented medical education, training, research and service.


  • To serve as an excellent center for the education and training of medical professionals who are highly competent, globally competitive, ethical, caring and dedicated to serve the health needs of the City of Manila, the nation and the world
  • To produce excellent community-oriented medical practitioners who value human life and promote health and wellness
  • To nurture the ideals of nationalism and the values of social sensitivity and responsibility, holistic care with compassion and dedication to the medical profession among administrators, faculty, administrative staff and students
  • To create a culture of academic excellence
  • To produce quality and relevant researches
  • To strengthen local, national and international linkages that will contribute to quality medical education
  • To provide appropriate and adequate infrastructure in support of the community-oriented medical education and research
  • To involve the alumni association in enhancing and sustaining community-oriented medical programs

Earned Distinction

The College of Medicine has earned distinction in its pursuit of excellence in the development and formation of competent and compassionate medical practitioners delivering health care to meet the needs of the City of Manila, the nation and the world.

Given the fact that medical education at the PLM-College of Medicine is subsidized by public funds from the City of Manila, graduates of the medical school render a return or payback service to the City in a Count-Me-In-Program after passing the Physician Licensure Examination. The return services are done through any of the following programs:

  • Observing Training
  • Community Health
  • School-based Health
  • Blood Donation
  • Service at the Manila Health Department
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Extension Services at Gawad Kalinga and University Health Services