Emeritus College

The window for brighter and fully-lived tomorrows for Seniors and Special Children

Provide stress-free learning opportunities for life-long education

General Objective:
To respond to the needs of retirees/senior citizens and special children to life-long learning and productivity.

The Emeritus College, otherwise known as “Adult Career College,” was established through Board Resolution No. 2758 on 18 March 2005.

This College was conceptualized to be the “Center for Continuing Education, Conferences, and Seminars” which shall serve as a resource generating academic unit. Two certificate programs in Special Education are administered by the College.

On 11 July 2006, Board Resolution No. 2928 approved the opening of the Master of Arts in Special Education. Hence, the discontinuance of the two certificate programs in SPED.

This new program which specializes on Developmental Delays in Special Education and with an enrollment of approximately over 300 is under the administration of the Emeritus College.