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The Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila School of Public Health is envisioned as a recognized leader in public health education both locally and internationally. It strives to nurture ethical, professional, forward-looking leaders in health care who will confidently blend knowledge and practice to bring real-world solutions to ensure health for all.

It is headed by Phylis C. Rio, MD, MHA

Academic programs

The college offers the following programs:

  • Certificate in Public Health

The Certificate in Public Health equips students with the foundations of public health, health care systems, policy, and research. It prepares graduates for a career that seeks to help improve the health of the general public. The program concludes with the Public Health Practice Experience (practicum), which allows students to put their knowledge into practice.  

The certificate is awarded after completion of the foundational core courses (Year 1 of the Master of Public Health program) with a total of 40.5 units, provided that the overall average is 2.0 or better and with no grade of 5.0.

  • Master of Public Health

The Master of Public Health is a two-year degree program that aims to develop globally competitive, ethical, and socially responsible public health practitioners. It provides graduates with technical skills and knowledge expected from champions of public health, which ranges from health and public policy analysis and development; operations, marketing, and financial management in health care; community health program management; data analysis; and scientific writing and grant writing. 

It offers two specializations, namely Health Care Management Concentration and General track.

The program has a total of 80 units.

Special program

  • Public Health Learning Series

The Public Health Learning Series is specifically designed for organizations and groups seeking to complement their education and experience in public health.

These special courses can be tailor-fitted depending on the needs of the participants. Completion of the course is equivalent to a three-unit course, which will be credited should the participants choose to apply for the Master of Public Health program.

Admission Requirements

  1. Applicant should be a graduate of an accredited school of medicine or other health sciences like nursing, physical therapy, dentistry, veterinary medicine, etc. or at least a baccalaureate degree in science, or other courses upon the evaluation and approval of the Admissions Committee.
  2. At least one year experience in a public health institution or organization or any related field (which can be waived upon the recommendation of the Admissions Committee depending on its evaluation of the applicant’s credentials)
  3. Accomplished Application Form
  4. Transcript of Records (Certified True Copy)
  5. Certificate of Graduation from any recognized institution of higher learning (Certified True Copy)
  6. NSO/PSA Birth Certificate
  7. 3 pc. 2”x2” ID photos with white background
  8. Payment of application fee

Download the application form

All requirements must be submitted in PDF to the Dean of SOPH:

Phylis C. Rio, MD, MHA
Dean, School of Public Health