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PLM got 81.82% in Architecture Board ::
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Golden Anniversary Lecture Series:
Hon. N. Colmenares: House of Representatives ::
Steven Clift: White House champion, Open Govt ::
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Revisiting the Events webpage ::
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: PLM is cited as 8th among the alma maters that matter to employers via ABS-CBN
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Official Statement: Scholarship and ITR
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PCAC Golden Anniversary
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PLM unveils Golden Anniversary Lecture Series
2015 June 16
Celebrating its 50 years as the cradle of future heroes and the bedrock for the fermentation of essential ideas, PLM unveiled its Golden Anniversary Lecture Series to bring more luster to its character of fashioning the intellect and expanding the horizons of its scholars.
The inaugural lecturer was no less than the senator-son of the then-Senate President (later President) who was instrumental in the establishment of PLM, through Republic Act No. 4196: Sen. Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr.

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Welcome to the Scholars' University

Official FB page of PLMWelcome to the Pamantasan -- where the brightest scholars from the financially-strapped spectrum of the society are educated to become scholars of competence and integrity who will be responsible citizens who can contribute effectively to local, national and global initiatives for the progressive and sustainable development of humanity.

PLM is a Pioneer, a Leader, and a Model institution of higher learning in the Philippines. It is acknowledged as the premier scholars' university of the capital city whose academic excellence the Commission on Higher Education recognizes.

President's Corner

Dr. Ma. Leonora V. de JesusDr. Ma. Leonora V. de Jesus, or "Lenny" as she is fondly called by peers, hails from a family of renowned public servants. Her father, retired Justice Conrado M. Vasquez, the country's first ombudsman, taught her well on the rudiments of public service and leaving a lasting legacy for the benefit of the people whom they seek to serve.

Not to be overshadowed by the stars of her father, she made a name for herself, gained wisdom from the academe which she dearly loves, and quickly rose from the ranks to a stellar career that aptly ascribed unto her the moniker as the Dragon Lady.

Among her own laurels on her cap count her stature as a respected director of the finest financial corporations in the country: BDO Leasing & Finance, Inc., SMDC, and BDO Capital & Investment Corp.

A former cabinet official under two (2) successive presidents, her government engagements include: Consultant for Housing, Urban & Social Development under the Office of the Vice President of the Philippines.

Transparency Seal

Transparency Seal Pursuant to the Transparency Principle of the Philippine
Government, PLM's public policy is expressed through PAO No. 2013-12 with the creation of the Transparency Coordinating Council.


PLMAT The PLMAT is a 2-hour examination consisting of sub-tests on language proficiency, reading comprehension, mathematics, science, and reasoning, written in English and Filipino. Processing usually starts on the 2nd week of November, and administered in December and January.

An applicant's score is weighted against a standardized PLMAT score. If the score satisfies the suggested cut-off score, the examinee successfully qualifies for enrollment.

The range of cut-off scores approximates the applicants' expected performance in the University. Examinees who successfully achieve a score that is equal to or better than the standardized cut-off score are expected to exude the capacity to hurdle the rigors of an excellent yet exacting university scholarship at PLM.

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