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PLM President is Doctor of Laws » »

Official PLM Seal institutionalized » » »
PLM institutionalized the unified use of the PLM Seal. It is an enhanced version of the design that was formally presented in public in 2009 by the then-Top Management and approved by the then-President in 2011.

PLM scholar showcases virtue of Ethics »
Faith in humanity restored: A Computer Studies graduand proves that morality remains strong among the most essential values of humanity.

PLM is 4th top Law school in Metro »
PLM is a top law school in Metro Manila behind traditional powerhouses UP, Ateneo & San Beda!

PLM dominated the LET: Top 1 & Top 10 »
PLM takes deep pride in dominating the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) with Top 1 (94%) and Top 10 (90.20%) ratings! With a 84.06% passing rate, PLM rises as the 5th best school nationwide!
PLM's high repute is undoubtedly beyond reproach and a class of its own.

New GSE master's program » »

PLM soars higher to Excellence: » »
PLM got notches 2, 5 & 10 in CE Board »
CHD alumnus gets 9th place in Sep LET »
Chemists' Board yielded PLM's jewels »
CET's Electrical Eng'g made waves, too »
PLM: Top 5 Medical School nationwide »

PLM: IECEP national quiz show champion »
ANC Square Off: Debate team wins anew »

PLM is Philippines' top PT school »
PLM has firmly nailed its hall-of-fame distinction as the consistent Top Physical Therapy school in the Philippines! PLM is, undoubtedly, the legendary home of the Unbeatable Champions!

eGrades now an institutional reality » » »
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PLM: A trusted and preferred university alongside UP, Ateneo, La Salle and UST » »

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PLM President is Doctor of Laws recipient
27 February 2014
Cited for his selfless commitment, brilliance and depth of vision as a highly esteemed legal luminary and a rare educational leader, Dr. Artemio G. Tuquero has been conferred the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, by the Urdaneta City University.
This honor is "in recognition of Dr. Tuquero's distinguished public service, outstanding contribution to legal education and boundless passion for academic excellence."

San Francisco mayor: Newest PLM alumnus
19 February 2014
Recognized for his deep public service, Mayor Edwin M. Lee was conferred by PLM a degree in Doctor of Public Management, honoris causa.

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Welcome to the People's University of Scholars

Official FB page of PLMWelcome to the Pamantasan -- where the brightest scholars from the financially-strapped spectrum of the society are educated and steeped in golden values to become "pantas" or "men of enlightenment and wisdom."

PLM is a pioneer, a leader, and a model institution of higher learning in the Philippines.

PLM is acknowledged as the premier scholars' university of the capital city of the Philippines whose academic excellence the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) recognizes as "beyond reproach and a class by itself."

President's Corner

Justice Artemio G. TuqueroLet me first extend to all PLMians -- our scholars, faculty, employees, and alumni -- my fervent wish for a year of peace, joy and prosperity.

Another year has come and this gives us the motivation to be filled with enthusiasm. It was not so long ago when we sat together and shared our plans for this University. Collectively, we exchanged views on how to sustain if not improve our impressive academic standing. Alongside, we heard your sentiments emanating from various concerns ranging from promotion, infrastructure and facilities, as well as mundane things that were addressed immediately, but with some still being considered for their feasibility. One stride at a time, we came up with solutions to problems brought to my attention.

Today, we understand that a recently concluded faculty development workshop provided an avenue for an internal assessment. Congratulations to our faculty who painstakingly deliberated during workshops. Your commendable efforts are highly recognized and duly appreciated. When the faculty presented the SWOT analysis, we noted with elation that our strength comes from our faculty including the auxiliary support given by our administrative staff. Opportunities are evident and these propel us to look ahead and yearn for unprecedented growth. 

University President

Recent Innovations

PLM is a caring universityPLM comes a long way in translating into reality the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the scholars who hail from the financially-strapped spectrum of the society. It is but fitting that the youth of Manila come to PLM to fulfill the Filipino dream.

With its public service orientation and advocacy, PLM may be the last frontier of knowledge in the country.

See the Developmental Thrusts and the Legacy Programs that have characterized PLM in recent years:

Benefits enhancement program
Facilities enhancement program
Technology enhancement program

PLM InfoBoard

PLM SIM Design The P L M InfoBoard is a multi-module information medium and mobile gateway for the PLM community. Users of PLM-customized SIMs only need to pre-register to enable interactive and timely communication thru its mobile solutions.

PLM InfoBoard Self-Registration
Keep yourself in the loop with PLM's Communication Enhancement Program thru the PLM InfoBoard! Register now!

The PLM InfoBoard, exclusive to the official PLM & even SMART/TnT SIMs, is augmented by the CEP mobile media tools. Foremost are: 0935-2381177 for Globe and 0933-3383789 for Sun.

Official CEP Media

To further enhance our information and communication media, the PLM Brochure was released during the 19 July 2012 University Council meeting. Augmenting this is the PLM Bulletin of Information (limited edition on its first publication), also designed to provide the PLM stakeholders with essential info about our Caring University and its various programs.

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PLMAT The PLMAT is a 2-hour examination consisting of sub-tests on language proficiency, reading comprehension, mathematics, science, and reasoning, written in English and Filipino. Processing usually starts on the 2nd week of November, and administered in December and January.

An applicant's score is weighted against a standardized PLMAT score. If the score satisfies the suggested cut-off score, the examinee successfully qualifies for enrollment.

The range of cut-off scores approximates the applicants' expected performance in the University. Examinees who successfully achieve a score that is equal to or better than the standardized cut-off score are expected to exude the capacity to hurdle the rigors of an excellent yet exacting university scholarship at PLM.

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