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Established in1993, the College of Physical Therapy (CPT) is among the country's best learning institutions for Physical Therapy based on its licensure exam performance. 

The college is proud of the quality of its faculty members who possess extensive clinical experience and educational background in their specialization. They bring insights from theory, practice, and research to help shape the careers of all our students.

Programs offered

  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy
  • Master of Science in Physical Therapy

Board examination performance

The college has repeatedly garnered a 100% or above the national passing rate in the Physical Therapist board exam, producing two to multiple topnotchers per exam.


National passing rate

PLM's passing rate

School ranking

Board topnotchers

August 2019



Top 1 performing school

  • 4th Place: Rose Angeli M. Bartolome
  • 5th Place: Adrianne Tan-Gatue
  • 7th Place: Louraine Dynne Z. Dela Cruz

August 2018



 Top 1 performing school

  • 2nd Place: Rose Ann B. Solde
  • 3rd Place: Exequiel Amiel V. Ramirez
  • 4th Place: Shaina Marie P. Marbella
  • 6th Place: Immah Marie R. Pineda

 August 2017



Top 2 perfoming school

  • 2nd Place: Venice Camille B. Patricio
  • 4th Place: Renier king C. Llantada
  • 6th Place: Riana Aime P. Conde
  • 7th Place: Lissie Marie R. De Luna
  • 8th Place: Jiechelle Renz M. Salvador
  • 9th Place: Ma. Jocelda F. Abella

 August 2016



  • 6th Place: Elysha Jane D. Rosales
  • 8th Place: Krystle V. Hermogenes

 August 2015



Top 1 performing school

  • 3rd Place: Kristine Joy R. De Castro
  • 4th Place: Arianne Kim L. Cleto

Of the 16 consecutive previous national Physical Therapist licensure examinations since 1998, PLM has taken the first and second place school ranking eight times.

To date, PLM has consistently remained at the second place on the school ranking out of the 98 existing PT universities/colleges for five consecutive years – a resounding testimony of the university's academic performance.

Academic programs

The college offers the following programs:

  • BS Physical Therapy
  • MS Physical Therapy

Such other related programs that the BOR may approve