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The University employs qualified and competent faculty members. This is to ensure and maintain the high quality of education as envisioned by the past and present leaders of the University and the city of Manila. They are carefully selected from among the professionals whose qualifications have complied or exceeded the stringent standards set therefor. The roster is filled with dedicated full-time professors who are in the vanguard of ensuring the academic excellence of our dear University.

Part-time faculty members are also employed by the University. They are recruited from the ranks of executives in the government service, or are seasoned practitioners and experts in private industries with which the University maintains an agreement or consortium.

A faculty member who has remarkably exuded an exemplary sense of competence, professionalism and quality teaching, and has continuously endeavored to improve his skills through various means of acquiring new and higher levels of knowledge, has a better chance for retention in the roster of the faculty.

It is a cardinal rule that the appointment of professors, instructors, and other personnel does not take into account their religious affiliation and eligibility in any civil service examination. However, a master's degree in the same field of discipline forms part of the minimum requirements for permanency.