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Documents and forms for PLM students, faculty, and administrative workers may be downloaded here.

I. Manuals and resource materials

  1. Students' Faculty Evaluation System manual
  2. PLM Suicide Prevention and Postvention Protocol: A Guide for the School Community
  3. University Health Services Orientation for Scholars
  4. Professionalization Program for Public Procurement Practitioners brochure

II. Forms for students

  1. Scholarship forms: 
    1. Scholarship application form (revised 2019)
    2. DOH Medical Scholarship form
    3. DOH Scholar Commitment form (PDF and editable version)
    4. Data Privacy consent form
  2. Request Form for School Credentials
  3. Checklist of Requirements for Request for School Credentials
  4. Philhealth members registration form (PMRF, January 2020 version)

III. Forms for faculty and administrative workers

  1. Guidelines for applicants and new hires
  2. Personal Data Sheet Forms (2017)
    1. CSC Reso No. 1700656
    2. Personal Data Sheet (CS Form 212)
    3. Personal Data Sheet (CS Form 212) Attachment - Work Experience Sheet
    4. Personal Data Sheet (CS Form 212) Attachment - Revised Guide to Filling Up the Personal Data Sheet
  3. Philhealth Membership Registration Form (PMRF)
  4. GSIS Membership Information Sheet (MIF)
  5. PAGIBIG Member's Data Form (MDF)
  6. Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth (SALN) form
  7. Daily Time Record (DTR)
  8. Certification of Assumption to Duty
  9. Service Report (for administrative COS workers)
  10. Service Report (for faculty)
  11. Staffing Pattern Form
  12. New SPMS Forms (Nov. 2016) 
    1. Coaching Journal
    2. Individual Performance Contract (IPC) Targets
    3. Individual Performance Contract Review (IPCR) Form
    4. Office Performance Contract (OPC) Targets
    5. Office Performance Contract Review Form
  13. Job Description Form
  14. Statement of Duties and Responsibilities
  15. Performance Evaluation System Form
  16. Download PLM Mobile App