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PLM received a 100% passing rate for the first-time takers of the November 2019 Nursing licensure exam!

Three of our graduates landed in the top 10. They are:
TOP 2: Ansherina S. Awatin (89%)
TOP 6: Erika Francis N. Uy (87.80%)
TOP 10: Francesca Irish P. Melendres (87%)

Our graduates performed well in the licensure exam. We are confident that they will do even better in providing service to those need healthcare services the most.

Based on the results released by the Professional Regulation Commission, the national passing rate is 55.10% or only 7,627 out of 13,816.

Congratulations to our new 45 nurses! Thank you for making us proud, IskoNars ng Bayan!


Nursing Top2

Nursing board exam Top 6

Top 10 Nursing board exam


PLM gets 100% passing rate in nursing board exam